Judith and Chris Clegg purchased a 200 sq metre plot of land in the Peloponnese, Greece, back in 2009. Today, they’re proud owners of their dream, custom-built property, and share their experience with you on the Place In The Sun website. Here’s an extract and the link to read more is below.

“For many years we spent our holidays visiting the Greek Islands, and with each visit, we grew more and more in love with Greece – the culture, the food, the friendly people and the stunning scenery. Over time we started to think about the idea of one day retiring in the country, however, we came to realise that many of the islands virtually close after the summer tourist season. It turns out that many of the residents return to Athens for the winter.

This was a problem for us as we wanted to buy in an area with a permanent community, so therefore we turned our attention to the mainland instead.

In 2006 we stayed in Stoupa which is on the Mani Peninsula in the Peloponnese region, where we both fell in love with this visually stunning area. The people were all very friendly. By chatting with individuals in tavernas we learned that Stoupa has an all year round community and an expat population mainly consisting of English and Germans.

We returned the next year and were surprised and delighted that many of the taverna and bar owners recognised us from before. It was then that we decided to return the following year and begin researching properties in the area.

On the next visit, we made enquiries with expats about their buying experience. What became evident is that many houses are not built to the same standards as UK standards. For example, some properties have inadequate foundations for an area which is in an earthquake zone. We also learned that sometimes properties bought off-plan are not built to the client’s exact specifications.

We then decided to build our very own dream property from scratch…

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